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We’ve created the
Modern Brand Strategy Playbook + Activation Accelerator
to reduce time between strategy work
and in-market activation/business growth.


  • Is Brand Strategy Dead?

    We think not. Against a backdrop of disruption, marketplace turmoil, and ridiculously crowded marketplaces, Brand Strategy is more important than ever.

  • The Paradox

    Marketers are paying less and less attention to Brand Strategy at a time when it matters more and more. Why the disconnect? Brand Strategy is too often an amorphous, slow exercise focused only on the long-term. It must evolve to drive action and results.

  • The Solution

    LPA has created the Modern Brand Strategy Playbook + Activation Accelerator. We combine strategic rigor with action bias to deliver remarkable results in remarkably little time.

About LPA A Players, No Layers

We’re a whole brained and whole-hearted partner. We don’t just care about Brands. We care about you. We’re obsessed with making our clients shine. That’s why 90% have us back. Meet our A-Players

ABOUT LPA A-Players, No Layers

We’re a whole brained and whole-hearted partner. We don’t just care about Brands. We care about you. We’re obsessed with making our clients shine. That’s why 90% have us back. Meet our A-Players

We’re true experts in Brand Strategy – doing and teaching. Our track record speaks for itself:

  • Growth on 50+ brands and counting

  • Direct impact on P/E transactions

  • Fast & Agile – Strategy + Activation Plan in as little as 30 days

The LPA Difference

Fast & Agile

Uber Experienced


No Waste

“With a lot of consulting firms, we get Junior people learning on our dime. With LPA, we only work with top notch, highly experienced folks.”

– Fortune 500 Chief Growth Officer

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Capabilities & Services

From a complete reboot of your brand strategy and organizational capability, to simply helping get good work over the finish line – we offer capabilities and services to bring a winning clarity to the job at hand.

Modern brand strategy & activation accelerator

Disruptive Landscape Understanding
  • Disruption Audit & Action Plan – Understand forces / disruptors who will reshape your industry and strategize around how to play them to your advantage.
  • Landscape Assessments – Answer a set of future-focused and proprietary questions to reveal exactly what we need to know to drive growth. Leverage social listening, Brand Ambassadors, and counter-thinkers.
Insight Discovery & Targeting

Our Insight Discovery and Targeting work is informed by social listening in combination with faster, lower-cost alternatives to traditional research.

  • Insight Discovery – Discover consumer / customer insights that create new possibilities to drive growth, often leveraging “Jobs-to-be-Done”.
  • Actionable Segmentation – Create actionable segmentations that structure the market in ways that enable advantage; make existing segmentations more actionable.
  • Sweet-Spot Targeting – Make target choices that balance precision with sufficiency and long-tail penetration requirements; create actionable 360° profiles and personas.
  • Winning with New Generations – Reflect cultural, generational shifts and differences in targeting choices (Gen X, Gen Y, Gen Z), while balancing future-focus with needs to serve older cohorts.
Authentic Brand Positioning
  • Competitive Brand Positioning / Value Proposition – Position with eye toward achieving resonance, advantage, and cultural relevance in context of disruptive landscape.
  • Brand Stretch – Understand how far you can stretch a Brand to capitalize on emerging trends and when new Brands are needed.
Value Reframing & Value Sweet Spot
  • Value Reframing – Significantly improve value perception of brands/offerings (vs. lower priced competitors) by reframing value in customer communications. This is a very fast and low cost way of driving near-term growth on brands/offerings that face value barriers.
  • Value Sweet Spot – Optimize Category and/or Brand portfolio of offerings to hit different “value sweet spots” for different consumers/customers. Success looks like different offerings optimized to meet unique needs of different targets vs. diluting premium priced offerings to allow a lower price.
Omni-channel Brand Architecture
  • Omni-Channel Brand Architecture – Create organizing systems that improve shop-ability, enhance satisfaction, and reveal new growth vectors; impacts sales, design, communications, and innovation.
Transformational Innovation / Adjacencies
  • Brand Stretch – Understand how far you can stretch a Brand to capitalize on emerging trends and when new Brands are needed
  • New Growth Vectors – Identify, assess, and shape new growth opportunities inclusive of both product/service and commercial innovation
  • Transferable Points-of-Difference – Create right transferable points-of-difference to drive equity-building growth via adjacencies
Activation Accelerator
  • Table-Top Discovery – Compare current activation program – at each step of journey – to new strategic choices. Identify key gaps/opportunities (start, stop, continue).
  • Levers Brainstorm – Brainstorm top opportunities across each activation lever (e.g., in QSR – menu itself, menu board, in-store experience, social media, PR, partnerships, packaging).
  • 90-Day Activation Plan – Develop specific 90-day plan toward activation of brand strategy – drawing on other activation focused work (above).
  • Inside-Out Brand Clinics – Build internal (and external partner) understanding and commitment to your positioning choices, a key enabler to external success.
  • Agency Briefings that Invigorate Creatives – Create right combination of documents and experiences to build both understanding and enthusiasm necessary for breakthrough creative work. Our bias is for an integrated briefing approach for both omni-channel big ideas and media programs.

Brand Building Capability 

Next Gen Brand-building Frameworks

Agile Next Gen Brand Building Frameworks – Create custom frameworks that reflect the chaotic landscape and embed best-practices across organizations; include common concepts and language to drive clarity and productivity

Sticky Training that Fuels Results
  • Sustainable Best Practice Adoption – Develop a set of integrated tools to train marketers in a way that drives sustainable adoption of new practices
  • Accelerator Workshops – Step-change capability of your Marketing organization via customized, expert-facilitated workshops to address your most pressing business needs
  • CMO “Marketing Hour” – Create forums where CMOs and Senior Marketing leaders can communicate priorities across organization, inspire with internal & external stories, and build morale / community

“I meet a lot of marketing firms who waste my time. With LPA, there was zero waste in the process.”

– CEO Beauty Appliance Co

≈ 90% of the clients we’ve served have us back. Clients we’ve served

GE Appliances GE Appliances Hertz Hertz Johnson & Johnson Johnson & Johnson P&G P&G LiftMaster LiftMaster Hershey Hershey Arby's Arby’s Auntie Anne’s Auntie Anne’s Brown-Forman Brown-Forman Humana Humana dish dish Invisalign Invisalign Northface Northface Chamberlain Chamberlain Michilin Michilin Campbells Campbells Cardinal Health Cardinal Health Catalina Catalina Urbansitter Urbansitter Kelloggs Kelloggs Waterpik Waterpik Yogi Yogi Nationwide Nationwide Southern Comfort Southern Comfort Newell Rubbermaid Newell Rubbermaid McKinney McKinney MMA MMA ipsos ipsos Merck Merck the weather company the weather company TheWeather Channel TheWeather Channel Weather Underground Weather Underground Nestle Nestle Conagra Conagra Coats Coats

“LPA’s experience eclipses anyone else I could have hired for Brand Architecture.”

– VP F&B


At times, we seek out like-minded partners to help you reach your goals. No obligations or arrangements that would compromise the work – just A-level organizations we trust and know can deliver, including:

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