Activation Accelerator

  • Table-Top Discovery – Compare current activation program – at each step of journey – to new strategic choices. Identify key gaps/opportunities (start, stop, continue).
  • Levers Brainstorm – Brainstorm top opportunities across each activation lever (e.g., in QSR – menu itself, menu board, in-store experience, social media, PR, partnerships, packaging).
  • 90-Day Activation Plan – Develop specific 90-day plan toward activation of brand strategy – drawing on other activation focused work (above).
  • Inside-Out Brand Clinics – Build internal (and external partner) understanding and commitment to your positioning choices, a key enabler to external success.
  • Agency Briefings that Invigorate Creatives – Create right combination of documents and experiences to build both understanding and enthusiasm necessary for breakthrough creative work. Our bias is for an integrated briefing approach for both omni-channel big ideas and media programs.