Oral Care Device Innovation: Top Quintile New Product Positioning

Industry / Company

P/E Owned Oral Care Devices


  • Dominant market share in a “sleepy” category
  • R&D created two breakthrough products; however, it was difficult to explain benefits to professionals and customers. Internally created concepts were unexciting/unappealing


  • Working with CEO and a Board Member, LPA developed new concepts based on in-depth consumer, competitive, and company understanding
  • Uncovered new deep human insight as cornerstone for success and gained consumer input on specific articulations of benefits


  • All concepts fell in top quintile for Liking, Value, Uniqueness, and Need Fulfillment, and in 1st or 2nd quintile for Purchase Intent (Vantis testing)
  • Volume potential for top concepts exceeded financial goals
  • Company acquired by >$4 billion revenue public company. Concepts we created a few years ago currently playing prominent role in portfolio, commanding significant price premium, and generating positive customer ratings and reviews
  • High-scoring concepts drove communications, package, and retail plan development

Client Feedback

“I meet a lot of marketing firms who waste my time. With LPA, there was zero waste in the process.”


“I liked working with A-Players and having A-Players do the work”