P/E Owned Personal Health Care: Total Line Restage → Favorable Transaction

Industry / Company

P/E owned Personal Health Care (topical analgesics, crack creams, cold sore remedies)


  • P/E owned company with bulk of business in Topical Analgesic market developed breakthrough technology for cold sore treatment
  • Proliferation of products, brands, and sub-brands yielded an unmanageable multi-category portfolio and hindered market potential for innovative technology
  • LPA engaged by P/E owner & CEO to develop positioning platform that would transcend product categories (including cold sore) and unify line-up under one Brand name


  • Based on in-depth landscape assessment and quantitative research, LPA recommended a total line restage
  • Restage reflected broad trends (importance of “natural”) and a competitive opportunity. New platform included:
    • Fusion of science + nature
    • Pharmacist heritage (leverage roots)
    • Value play (Purex inspired)


  • Quant testing supported significant upside potential behind total line restage / proposed positioning
  • CEO and P/E owner moved forward on aggressive timing, leveraging creative / package redesign partner recommended by LPA; excellent customer response to sell in
  • P/E owner sold company to Japanese conglomerate, well ahead of planned transaction timing
  • LPA participated in presentation to prospective buyer, sharing the total line restage including: new consumer insight, quantitatively confirmed concept, and in-market execution (packaging, advertising, retailer presentations, etc.)

Client Feedback

“LPA led a major Brand revitalization with a portfolio company that resulted in positive impacts across the board —  from consumers + retail partners to a [favorable transaction]. Leonora and her team – research and creative partners — worked well with company leadership & made a big impact quickly.”

P/E Owner