QSR Brand Revitalization Returns Brand to Growth

Industry / Company

QSR (historically mall based)


  • Accelerate results by refining both audience choices and brand strategy/positioning
  • Success looked like both protect current strong business in malls while establishing meaningful growth runway outside of malls
  • Opportunities included moving beyond demographic target definition, a more single-minded promise, better link between functional and emotional benefits, and a more relevant personality
  • Current marketing materials showed inconsistency in core brand message


  • Developed target audience and brand positioning, working in close collaboration with CMO, COO, Agency partners, and key players in Marketing organization
  • Included guiding client on a highly efficient way to close critical consumer understanding gaps
  • Also included Activation Accelerator work to move swiftly from strategic choices to activation levers/action plans


  • Within months of implementation of key pillars of new brand strategy, business results improved
    • Following 2 years of same store sales declines, business has been growing and CMO sees direct link between our work and growth
  • Entirely new/incremental revenue streams created

Client Feedback

“We have been busy rolling out our new positioning strategy and target to the rest of the organization and the work is being very well received.”

“Our recent results have been strong. We are outpacing QSR benchmarks. Our targeting choice to focus on [specifics deleted] has proved to be right!”

“We closed 2019 with our best results since 2015. Our better targeting is yielding lower costs for media metrics (cost/qualified lead, cost/click).”