Value Reframing Enables Premium Pricing on Garage Door Technology

Industry / Company

Leading manufacturer of garage door technology including openers


  • Late to game with a technology that significantly improved lighting in garage
  • Superior performing product, but prior efforts to differentiate / establish superiority with both retailers (e.g., Home Depot, Lowes, Amazon) and buyers unsuccessful
  • Desired premium pricing which wasn’t viewed as justified because the superiority was not effectively communicated
  • There was no opportunity to change the product or packaging – client required a breakthrough in communication to convey a strong value proposition even at a premium price


  • LPA led client and Agency partners through an insight discovery and brainstorming process designed to generate ideas to “reframe value” in marketing and sales communications
  • A truly breakthrough idea emerged – including a renaming of the product and establishment of clear differentiation vs. all the available competitive products (at lower prices)


  • The new product name, benefit, and reason-to-believe scored in top quintile (extremely effective at communicating value) in quantitative testing
  • Client moved aggressively and successfully to market with the launch and was able to sustain premium pricing

Note: LPA has done similar value reframing work across over a dozen categories and we have a very consistent track record of improving value perceptions and driving sales growth without lowering pricing or improving products.