How We Work

Fast & Agile

Every project is unique and has its own text-book timeline. However, at times reality gets in the way and we’ve been known to deliver outstanding work on break-neck timing. Our lean resourcing (1-3 people on a project) and extensive experience enable us to achieve remarkable results in remarkably little time.

Global Tequila Brand Positioning: A 3-Week Sprint to Success

Fortune 500 Board-ready Brand Strategy Best Practices (<1 week)


100% of our time is focused on solutions that can work in the marketplace. We know the theory, and share / teach it when appropriate, but as former business leaders with P&L responsibility, we’re all about solutions that are practical and actionable.

This is a true differentiator. We know this because we often are brought to the table after multi-million dollar expenditures on solutions that aren’t actionable. We’re invited to the party to take prior work and figure out how to make it actionable.

Another aspect of our pragmatism, we love to roll up our sleeves and get into the details as necessary to ensure solutions will work in the market and drive growth.

P/E Owned Personal Health Care: Total Line Restage → Favorable Transaction

No Waste

We’re all about solving problems and harnessing opportunities in the most efficient way possible:

We create uber-lean teams to get the work done. This maybe one person, often two, at the most three. There’s no time wasted with any bureaucracy on our end, time-consuming internal debriefings, transitions, etc.

We don’t create big binders to show how much work we’ve done. We rely on the important deliverables (often on a page or two) and results to demonstrate that we’ve done our homework.

No inexperienced people learning on the client’s dime. That’s just part of our A-Players, No Layers® approach.

We don’t spend time politicking or angling for credit. If we make our clients shine – and they bring us back (as 90% of our clients have) – that’s credit enough.

Product Repositioning Sprint → Breakthrough (Snacking Category)