Uber-Experienced Content


While our “roots” are largely in P&G, our curiosity — plus the “gift” of long non-competes — led us to work extensively on a wide range of businesses:

  • We’ve served over 30 industries
  • We’ve worked with…
  • products (as simple as a toothbrush, as complex as a smart phone)
  • services (as simple as a babysitter as complex as inventory management system for large hospital systems)
  • Customers range from a new mom to a farmer to a hospital CEO to a home builder
  • Over 70% of LPA work has been B2B focused or had a meaningful B2B element
  • Extensive experience in Health Care across a range of products and services
  • health insurance
  • health care logistics / supply
  • biotechnology
  • pharma
  • devices
  • OTC health care
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