Calm the chaos, Grow the brand.

“Strategy helps you make the chaos productive by informing how to best leverage the tools of today.”

– Fortune 500 CMO / Chief Strategy Officer (long-term client)

“Leonora is a pioneering brand marketer who has successfully adapted and applied the latest digital trends. Not only does Leonora understand the latest digital innovations, she brings a distinctive perspective on how they should be applied to brand-building. She is one-of-a-kind when it comes to marketing and strategy expertise.”

– Michael Stich, CEO, Rockfish Interactive

Importance of strategy in action-based environment

“The action-biased culture doesn't allow leaders to spend sufficient time on strategic thinking. I haven't forgotten how important strategy is, but I don't have enough time or partners to do it with quality. LPA makes a real difference in this regard.”

– VP B2B Health Care Logistics, Solutions & Supplies

“Leonora is one of the best
[brand builders] in the world…”

– Jim Stengel, President / CEO, The Jim Stengel Co

The LPA Difference


“Leonora is one of the best [brand builders] in the world. Her expertise in both marketing strategy and building organizational effectiveness earned her the respect of the industry and produce great results for her clients.”

– Jim Stengel, President / CEO, The Jim Stengel Co.

No Layers

“With a lot of consulting firms, we get Junior people learning on our dime. With LPA, we only work with top notch, highly experienced folks.”


Breadth of Experience

Sharing-economy start-up:
“I want to personally thank you for being awesome, thoughtful and impactful in today's meeting with Urban Sitter. They were blown away by all your work and value add.”

– Urban Sitter, Board Member

Silicon Valley Medical Device Co.:
“Both the journey and the outcome were exceptional. I learned a tremendous amount from your insights.”

– Director, Medical Devices

Large Apparel Company:
“LPA brings great value in every conversation, combining P&G with insights from many other brands.”

– Insights Lead, Apparel

P/E Principal on Company Transaction:
“LPA led/facilitated a major Brand revitalization with a portfolio company that resulted in positive impacts across the board, from consumers and retail partners to a favorable transaction.”

– Private Equity Partner

Consumer Electronics:
“Thank you for your help on the [global brand strategy]. Our new strategy is being very well received.”

– Global CMO, Electronics

Leading Weather Reporting Service.
“We nailed it / [Brand Strategy for largest Brand]. Our CEO thinks it's great. Thinks our purpose is perfect.”

– SVP Consumer and Brand Marketing

“Leonora was one of 3 outstanding marketing experts who led the creation of P&G's Brand Building Framework, which enhances critical brand-building capacity”

– Playing To Win (2012 Harvard Business Press)



“LPA has first-hand experience running businesses so they translate insights into action – no ivory tower.”


“Leonora's expertise, pragmatic yet creative approach and hands on style make her an outstanding choice. I would highly recommend Leonora.”

– President Fortune 200 Food Company

Ask Right Questions

“Leonora is a gifted marketer who has a knack for asking – and finding the answers to – just the right questions.  She brings great wisdom, insight and a collaborative spirit to any project.”

– Kevin Keller, Professor of Marketing , Tuck School, Dartmouth

“LPA is provocative, challenges us, and asks tough questions. They’re not order takers.”

– Vice President, Health Care

Fast & Agile

“LPA was able to jump in quickly, listen to our needs, adapt approach, and help us get across the line. We don’t find many partners who are as adaptable.”

– Sr. Director, Consumer Insights, CPG

No Waste

“I meet a lot of marketing firms who waste my time. With LPA, there was zero waste in the process.”

– CEO Beauty Appliance Co

“LPA’s work is always practical. They don’t spend any time doing stupid PPT’s and internal sell jobs.”

– Vice President, CPG