From a complete reboot of your brand strategy and organizational capability, to simply helping get good work over the finish line – we offer capabilities and services to bring a winning clarity to the job at hand.

Modern brand strategy & activation accelerator

  • Disruption Audit & Action Plan – Understand forces / disruptors who will reshape your industry and strategize around how to play them to your advantage.
  • Landscape Assessments – Answer a set of future-focused and proprietary questions to reveal exactly what we need to know to drive growth. Leverage social listening, Brand Ambassadors, and counter-thinkers.

Our Insight Discovery and Targeting work is informed by social listening in combination with faster, lower-cost alternatives to traditional research.

  • Insight Discovery – Discover consumer / customer insights that create new possibilities to drive growth, often leveraging “Jobs-to-be-Done”.
  • Actionable Segmentation – Create actionable segmentations that structure the market in ways that enable advantage; make existing segmentations more actionable.
  • Sweet-Spot Targeting – Make target choices that balance precision with sufficiency and long-tail penetration requirements; create actionable 360° profiles and personas.
  • Winning with New Generations – Reflect cultural, generational shifts and differences in targeting choices (Gen X, Gen Y, Gen Z), while balancing future-focus with needs to serve older cohorts.
  • Competitive Brand Positioning / Value Proposition – Position with eye toward achieving resonance, advantage, and cultural relevance in context of disruptive landscape.
  • Brand Stretch – Understand how far you can stretch a Brand to capitalize on emerging trends and when new Brands are needed.

Global Repositioning of Electronics Master Brand: Foundation for Growth

  • Value Reframing – Significantly improve value perception of brands/offerings (vs. lower priced competitors) by reframing value in customer communications. This is a very fast and low cost way of driving near-term growth on brands/offerings that face value barriers.
  • Value Sweet Spot – Optimize Category and/or Brand portfolio of offerings to hit different “value sweet spots” for different consumers/customers. Success looks like different offerings optimized to meet unique needs of different targets vs. diluting premium priced offerings to allow a lower price.

Value Reframing Enables Premium Pricing on Garage Door Technology

Omni-Channel Brand Architecture & Price-Pack Architecture – Create organizing systems that improve shop-ability, enhance satisfaction, and reveal new growth vectors; impacts sales, design, communications, and innovation.

  • Brand Stretch – Understand how far you can stretch a Brand to capitalize on emerging trends and when new Brands are needed
  • New Growth Vectors – Identify, assess, and shape new growth opportunities inclusive of both product/service and commercial innovation
  • Transferable Points-of-Difference – Create right transferable points-of-difference to drive equity-building growth via adjacencies

Oral Care Device Innovation: Top Quintile New Product Positioning

  • Table-Top Discovery – Compare current activation program – at each step of journey – to new strategic choices. Identify key gaps/opportunities (start, stop, continue).
  • Levers Brainstorm – Brainstorm top opportunities across each activation lever (e.g., in QSR – menu itself, menu board, in-store experience, social media, PR, partnerships, packaging).
  • 90-Day Activation Plan – Develop specific 90-day plan toward activation of brand strategy – drawing on other activation focused work (above).
  • Inside-Out Brand Clinics – Build internal (and external partner) understanding and commitment to your positioning choices, a key enabler to external success.
  • Agency Briefings that Invigorate Creatives – Create right combination of documents and experiences to build both understanding and enthusiasm necessary for breakthrough creative work. Our bias is for an integrated briefing approach for both omni-channel big ideas and media programs.

Brand Building Capability

Agile Next Gen Brand Building Frameworks – Create custom frameworks that reflect the chaotic landscape and embed best-practices across organizations; include common concepts and language to drive clarity and productivity

Upskilling Confection Marketing Organization Drives Years of Growth

Transforming Capability of a B2B Health Care Marketing Organization

  • Sustainable Best Practice Adoption – Develop a set of integrated tools to train marketers in a way that drives sustainable adoption of new practices
  • Accelerator Workshops – Step-change capability of your Marketing organization via customized, expert-facilitated workshops to address your most pressing business needs
  • CMO “Marketing Hour” – Create forums where CMOs and Senior Marketing leaders can communicate priorities across organization, inspire with internal & external stories, and build morale / community

Upskilling Confection Marketing Organization Drives Years of Growth

Transforming Capability of a B2B Health Care Marketing Organization