Product Repositioning Sprint → Breakthrough (Snacking Category)

Industry / Company

Leading manufacturer of snack foods


Prior to engaging LPA, company had done a qual and quant research and ideation in an effort to to qualify a restage concept for a rapidly declining snack brand.

  • 30 restage concepts tested including a BASES Restager, most falling in bottom quintiles / none meeting success benchmarks
  • LPA was engaged to collaborate with Insights and Marketing across a 2-month sprint to develop and validate a winning concept for the Brand restage, including packaging and naming


  • Based on review of historical work and research results plus qualitative research, LPA recommended target audience and hypothesized relaunch options
  • Engaged/briefed creative agency for naming / packaging
  • Created a new set of concepts for conjoint testing
  • All work done in close collaboration with Marketing and Insights leadership


  • Concept significantly outperformed control in conjoint testing and met success benchmarks; this represented a significant breakthrough (in 2-months)  vs. years of past work
  • Successfully qualified a name that outperformed current
  • CMO decided to delay re-launch due to other more pressing investment priorities; Brand was later re-launched successfully with our work/learnings incorporated

Client Feedback

“After many attempts, by partnering with LPA, we were able to unlock the potential of this Brand with a concept that surpassed BASES action standards was consistent with recent successful launches”

Insights Lead