Hey, Watch Your Language!

This warning, often spoken by parents to their kids, is one Brand Builders can benefit from as well. As Brand Builders, we make choices about words — sometimes without sufficient attention to the power of words — to frame propositions to our advantage… or not. 

One of the beauties of taking your language up a notch – to make it more consumer-resonant and distinctive – is that it’s essentially FREE. Good language isn’t more expensive than bad language. Also, what about the power of language to impact pricing potential and value perceptions?  Would you pay more for a “face cleansing wipe/towelette” or an Olay® Daily Facial? Consider the different opportunities you have to put words to work for your Brands:

Product Descriptors

Orville Redenbacher’s® Gourmet Popping Corn

or Olay® Daily Facials

Scent • Form • Variant Descriptions

“Relax with Dawn® Mediterranean Lavender Scent”… or enjoy the power of Dawn® while improving the look and feel of your hands with Dawn’s Olay® Hand Renewal offering    


Louis Vuitton®: “Hand made by Craftsmen with exquisite materials”.

Free Range eggs, Mountain Grown Folgers®… 


Evian®: “Naturally pure spring water from the French Alps

Service • Support

How much does Apple® benefit from the words “Genuis Bar” vs. “Help Desk”, “Service Desk”, or “Customer Service”? Pretty genius I would say!


Chevrolet Malibu®: “French-stitched, leather appointed seats and noise-dampening acoustic-laminated glass”.

Might a simple “inventory” of your language – and some brainstorming – point to some really low hanging fruit to build more consumer-resonant, distinctive Brands with little or no incremental investment?